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How To Add Accent To Summer Nails: Dry Marbled Nail Art Two Ways

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Have you tried packing for a summer getaway and a holiday manicure which needs to be fabulous but also really, really simple to do? I did! And here’s the result:

Neon summer nails with dry-marbled accent nail, two-ways! Nothing screams ‘summer nails’ better than neon and tie-dye! Get all your neon nail polishes ready, this one takes a team effort to complete, but it’s oh-so worth it! Spicing up your nails with rainbow colors feels like joy-therapy to me – whenever I want to get that childhood-happy rainbows images in my head, all I need to do is look at my nails! Flowers or sunsets, it’s all summery and lovely too!

Seasonails dry marbled two ways

I rounded somewhere between 6 and 10 nail polishes for this one and although it sounds terrifying, it’s actually kindergarten work to get these nails done!

Summer nails China Glaze neons Seasonails

… started by piling up some neons… But come on? we’re talking rainbows here! where’s the yellow? oh, wait! let’s add some more polishes to the pile:

tiny neon polishes seasonails

Start by applying your neon of choice on all nails save for the accent nail – the ring finger nail which is going to be crisp white. I chose Zoya Ali (ZP478) and OPI Alpine Snow for these ones. Zoya Ali is a beautiful bright, vivid pink, creamy, with a wonderful coverage and lasting power.

Seasonails Opi Zoya Ali Nail art tutorial

….isn’t she a beauty?

pink nails Zoya Ali Seasonails

…drying time, cuticle oil time! Now let’s get to the marbled business! Rounding up my trusty China Glaze Isle See You Later (81325), Keepin’ It Teal (81324).

seasonails pink white nails

Applying small dots in random order on the white accent nail (I started from the edges, falling into the center nail) – also I remembered I had a set of neon rainbow mini polishes, a gift from a dear friend, and I generously inserted some bright yellow dots. Don’t wait for the polish to dry, put on a piece of plastic or saran wrap and gently press with a finger on the surface of the dotted nail.

how to saran wrap marbled nails Seasonailscom

Don’t press too hard, we don’t want to remove the polish from the nail, we just want to mess around with the colors! Now gently take off the plastic and your nail will fabulously look like so:

how to saran wrap marbled nails Seasonailscom

top it with a coat of holo glittery polish like China Glaze Make a Spectacle, one of my personal favorite. I used a dupe, Flormar 003 (CO3027) which has smaller glitter particles, whilst CG has beautiful bigger hex.

dry marbled saran wrap nail art glitter topcoat

Now if you’re not decided or you think the saran marbled was not exactly how you planned it to be, there’s always room for more! Clean your marbled nail and try the rainbow needle drag: on your white nail, apply diagonal stripes of neon polish in whichever order you wish. Be generous with the polish and don’t let it dry!

dry needle drag marbled nails seasonails

Quick-quick, grab a needle and drag it over the stripes in one direction. The end result might look a little messy but once you cover it in glitter, it all comes to life and looks way more forgiving than you initially thought!

how to tie dye nails seasonails

Which of the two dry-marbled accents would you choose? I wasn’t able to choose, actually, I did the saran on my left and the needle drag on my right hand! Don’t forget to follow this Nail Care routine to get your healthiest and longest nails ever!

How to needle drag dry marbled nail art Seasonails

How to plastic wrap dry marbled nail art Seasonails tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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