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Summer French Flowers Mani: Daisies & Sunflowers Nails

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I have a thing for summer flowers! I have a thing for flowers any season, but Summer comes in so many shapes and colors! Sunflowers and Daisies are on the nails menu today!

Felt in the mood for simple nails, with all the colors and the neon frenzy, I needed something soothing, less flashy and less colorful! But it’s summer, so… I needed color somehow! Sunflowers and daisies and a touch of yellow around the French smile line felt good. And looked good too!

oval french is the new french manicure

Starting with a simple French with the now-so-hot oval smile line! What’s different about this new French oval trend? The smile line isn’t square anymore so you won’t be able to pull it off just by moving the finger from left to right under the brush! You’ll need stencils or striping nail art brushes (or nail art polish which comes with a fine brush, perfect for smile lines).

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The new oval French is more natural and elongates the nail so much more than the square/squoval French manicures I used to wear! Something about stating the smile line from the middle of the nail bed going up in an oval shape looks better and nicer than old school French manis! You try it, give it time, look at it again and see how you feel about it, give the Oval French a chance!

sunflower nail art how to

Enough about the new French manicure trends! You’ll notice I added a fine yellow line along the tips, it’s because I wanted to connect the other nails with the sunflowers accent nail! I started by doing the middle – the stems of the sunflowers and crammed about five of those, slightly separated to create space for the petals but not too far apart to break the ‘bouquet’ feeling.

sunflower nail art step by step

I did the flowers using watercolors (and a watercolors brush) because it’s my first-ever attempt at Sunflowers nail art and I didn’t know if they would turn out ok or I’d just water them down instantly. They turned out nicely for a first attempt, wouldn’t you say? I used the same watercolors brush for the petals and when it all dried out, I brushed over with the yellow nail polish I used for the smile lines.

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Covered all with matte topcoat for the artistic effect and ta-daaah! Sunflowers nails!

sunflower summer nails

Now for the daisies – I used the same yellow line along the French tips and started the daisy accents by painting the stems first, with yellow nail polish. I added the white petals with a striping nail art brush dipped in white nail polish. I created some texture with gold paint around the petals and added some green watercolor here and there, to mimic the leaves. I kept the same matte top coat to enhance the artistic feel of these Summer Daisy Nails!

daisy nail art how to

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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