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Stamping Rag Doll Nails

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Hello there, my dear fellow nail art stamping addicts! This time I have a “rag doll mani” for you. It kinda looks complicated, but it really is not. Let’s get started with this cute mani…

The items I used for this are the following: Nail polish remover, base coat, topcoat, orangewood stick, peel off glitter base, white nail polish, glitter effect topper, black stamping polish, stamper, scraper/store card, image plate, nail polish remover corrector pen, sheer tint polishes, cotton pads.

rag doll nails supplies

As with my other nail art tutorials, I made sure my nails were free from any “old” polish (yeah, sure…. As if the polish on my nails will ever get the chance to get old!) and/or any oils and I applied my base coat. When dry, I applied two coats of white polish, let that dry again and then applied one coat of a gorgeous glitter effect topper, topped that off with one coat of a quick dry top coat. When this was drying, I put some peel off glitter base around my cuticle area and let that dry completely.

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Then I put some black stamping polish on the ragdoll image, scraped it over the entire image, picked it up with my stamper and transferred the image to all of my nails. I removed the peel off glitter base and cleaned up the tiny bits of black polish near my cuticles, to get a nice crisp mani.

preparing nails for stamping

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Now it’s time for the coloring. With the brush of the sheer tints, I carefully filled in the part that I wanted with different colors, and every nail I did in a different way and order. I also left some parts just white. When the colors were dry, I top coated it all with my quick dry, high gloss top coat. This time I didn’t use the special top coat for stamping first, and the picture proves it; see the smudging of the black stamping polish on the pinky nail….. Isn’t it odd that, of all polishes, special stamping polish smudges the most when top coats are applied?

stamping nails cleaning

Lastly I put some cuticle oil on my cuticles and tadaaaaaaah: my rag doll mani is done! I think it will particularly look cute on young girls and women, it’s a very bright, cheerful mani and a lot of fun to do. What do you think? Would you wear this type of nail art and what colors would you prefer?

rag doll stamped nails

Thank you, Sasha! I love each and every nail art you’re doing and I’m very grateful because you’re taking the time to guide us, step-by-step, in painting these beautiful manis! If you want to keep up with Sasha’s amazing nail art designs you can do so by following her Facebook page!

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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