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Fall Colors Nails

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With the certified arrival of fall not only we part with our beloved summer sandals but also with our magical summer neon nail polishes. Off they go, on the rack, for a couple of months…

What now? What needs to go into a heavy nails rotation for the fall months? As I’ve seen in countless catwalk reports, this season we’re expecting a multitude of military-infused clothes and 70s bohemian styles. A modest suggestion for this fall’s nails: a faux stiletto manicure in holographic colors: purple and khaki!

fall nails supplies

It’s all simple (I know you heard me saying it over and over, but it’s actually true – I’m always trying to come up with the simplest designs, easiest nail art ideas for you to replicate without much fuss). Besides the mandatory nail polishes needed, I only used striping tape to create the triangular stiletto shapes.

how to faux stiletto nails

You might find it useful to pre-cut all the stripes before actually getting to the nail art part (right after the base color has dried out). I cut all 20 stripes and stuck them to the nail polish base bottle cap. You can either use a pair of tweezers to do that (and to later remove the tape from the nail) or with your hand, whatever suits you better!

fall nails stiletto how to

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I first created the triangular shapes (don’t criss-cross them on the nail, allow the color to peak on the nail) on all nails and then painted with the different colors. I went on with no particular combo in mind, so I alternated the colors on my nails. You can use whatever fall-ish colors flights your fancy, I went with these two because I have them for so long, they’re absolutely gorgeous, yet rather hard to match in nail art combos.

holo fall nails how to

Be careful when you remove the striping tape – to ensure a straight, crisp line, you’ll need to pull out the stripe after you painted the next nail. This allows a few seconds of drying out at the surface but not longer because the polish will adhere too much to the surface of the tape instead of the surface of the base color, peeling off when you peel the tape. Of course it all depends on your nail polish drying time.

fall colors faux stiletto nails

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To seal the deal, I added a generous topcoat of clear polish – quick dry or not, it doesn’t matter at this point any more, the base color is long dry and the triangles are almost dry too, you can go for a simple topcoat, not the quick drying shrinking type. No glitter it needed and no extra nail art as the stiletto is pretty rough on its own and the colors are really strong on their own thus creating a statement nail art for fall (and more)!

how to faux stiletto fall nails step by step tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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