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Easiest Gradient Nails Manicure Ever!

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After months of hard work and wishful thinking, here we are, finally starting my special project:! The place where I’ll share everything I found out about nails and all the fun I’m having experimenting with new techniques and polishes! Thank you for being with me in this wonderful journey, let’s get started with the easiest ombre nails ever!

You’ve heard that ‘easiest’ part before! Except this really delivers the easiest, quickest solution to the most beautiful, fail proof gradient manicure on a budget! The gradient/ombré trend is a continuous source of inspiration for fashion & beauty and a very chic, subtle colors game to play.

For the easiest gradient manicure you need a white solid nail polish, a nail polish color of your choice and a work surface – a palette for mixing colors. You start by painting your nails with the base coat of your choosing (read all about the manicure essentials guide here: part one, part two, part three).

easiest gradient nails how to step by step

Paint the thumbnail in the solid color and then add a drop of solid color polish and a drop of white solid polish on the palette for the index fingernail – blend them together and paint the index finger nails from both hands.

easiest gradient nails how to one

Continue adding one more drop of while polish until you reach your pinkie and be careful to paint both hands at the same time, to avoid mismatching colors and longer manicure time. Of course you can add the desired number of white polish drops, increasing at will – I went for the simplest combination, also the safest to remember and to replicate if something goes wrong.

easiest gradient nails how to two

If your nail polish starts drying out on your palette, always keep a bottle of nail lacquer thinner at hand and add the necessary amount to reach the right polish consistency. Clean around the nail, making sure your cuticles are polish-free, apply cuticle oil, set back and admire the gorgeous result! Wasn’t that easy?

easiest gradient nails how to three

The colors I used:
– OPI Snow White
– Zoya Robyn
I blended my colors on the back of a stamping plate but you can use any other non-sticking surface, like a mirror or a piece of plastic film.

If you mastered this type of gradient, get ready to get to the next ombre level by trying a soft, subtle girly gradient like this beauty here!

easiest ombre gradient nails tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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