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Delicate Simple Nail Art For Spring

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Someone nail-wiser than me said that if I were to get on negative space nail art, I might discover that I won’t be able to stop playing with negative space!

And I hereby confirm that after two weeks already, I keep on finding new ways to use negative space on my nails! This is the first Spring edition, in pink and lavender with a touch of gold! I will do do a series of nail art techniques that are easy to do for your non-dominant hand and this one is the first step in that direction!

delicate nails for spring

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I know it’s barely February but I’m so ready to hear the birds chirping, to see my garden blooming morning after morning, to see the flowers open to bees and butterflies! Really! Color! I’m so ready to see color! This is why I kept a grey-lavender (Zoya Kendal) as a sign of respect for the still-winter month but slowly brought in the shimmery pink, halfway through the nail!

reversed french nails how to

It’s really the simplest ‘hipster’ manicure you can do, you don’t even need the adhesive tapes unless you’re afraid your half reversed-french will come out un-even. But imperfections are ok! Our little imperfections make us who we are – said the one who used tips to make these nails (ear-to-ear smile).

reversed french nails before topcoat

Basically you only need two light but contrasting colors, I wanted to bring texture so I went for a Catrice Crushed Diamonds Call Me Princess coral pink – you’ve seen me swatching it a while back. Remember to have fun with textured and creamy polishes as side-by-side nail art combos, they do make a surprising couple!

pink lavender nails for spring

Spicing up this simple nail art, I added two large dots on the side of the French – with the coral pink against the lavender reversed French and with sparkling gold glitter against the textured pink. They really bring out the undertones and the need to shine in this mani! Plus the extra large glitter hexagon on the index finger – so oddly out of place but very becoming at the same time!

circle on nail how to

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Just for fun – a straw dipped in the Crushed Crystals pink and placed on the side of the thumb nail – you can definitely do more of those, they look so perfect, so easily! I wanted just one, to match with the other dots on the middle and ring finger. Solitary dots, here and there, just like the first flowers after a long cold winter!

spring nails easy tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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