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Halloween Nails: Cartoon Ghosts Manicure

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Fall nails – doesn’t that make you think of Halloween nails? Like winter nails always make me think of Christmas nail art, such is the case with Halloween and autumnal nail art. Not long until All Hallows Eve, so before you tell me what you’ll be wearing, let me show you what nails I prepped for the occasion!

Funny Cartoon Ghosts! Yeah, baby! Because spooky ain’t nothing without a pinch of fun! Ghosts on purple (I’ll explain that, do read on!), ghosts on orange, pick the one you like the most, with or without the salt’n’pepper accent I’m currently obsessing over!

matte blue nails

Like a cousin said to me recently – oh, you always start your nails stories with ‘it’s soooo simple to do this’ but it always look so complicated! Do these look complicated? Naaaah – I think you have to try them first to see how amazingly easy to draw these actually are! I’m well aware of my limitations and my nail art is mainly focused on abstract, forgiving designs and less on highly detailed drawings.

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That’s only because I didn’t find the right brush ^_^ (haha!) just kidding. I have the unsteadiest hands and every now and then, when I look at my Inside Out nails, I still think Pixar’s magic got a hold of me and my hand to steady them down!

halloween ghosts nails

Oh, enough with the rambling already, let’s get back to the spooookeee nails! You see that odd blue polish? It’s actually a beautiful, rich indigo OPI called Do You Have This Color In Stockholm? Somehow it tricks the camera and turns downright blue! When I took the first pictures of the spooky ghosts, I realized the color was off and I decided to paint the other hand orange. At least that’s surely a fall/Halloween hue that won’t turn blue for the camera, right?

cartoon ghosts halloween nails

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The ghosts were painted with nail polish (OPI’s Alpine Snow) although I initially wanted to use acrylics – that’s why the matte topper. I settled for a black watercolor contouring for the tiny ghosts, just to make them more cartoon-ish. Funnier in a word.

fall halloween ghosts nails

Different shapes, no silhouette constrains, three black dots for the eyes and spooky mouth, another round of dots, this time white, for the eyes and ta-daaam! (bonus the salt and pepper Golden Rose Jolly Jewels for the ring finger – I’m obsessing with this topper, please be kind with me for you’ll definitely see it again!) Funny cartoon ghosts nails for Halloween two ways, how I lik’em! Take your pick, trick and treat!

halloween ghosts nail art

how to halloween nails cartoon ghosts manicure tutorial step by step

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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