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Fall Nail Art: Rainy Days Manicure

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I just love rainy days. Not! Trying to see the silver lining in this puddle of a situation, I thought about painting my nails with a rainy nail art. So appropriate and so unexpected, right?

But if rain drops would be colored, wouldn’t that be a treat (for the kiddies) and a pain (for the too-serious grownups)? Funky, cute, pretty pink raindrops next to translucent blue, coral, yellow, gold raindrops! And the occasional silver lining cloud!

neutral nails opi dont bossa nova me around

On that happy note, here’s a slow version of the how to naïve raindrops fall nails: it all started with a beautiful base on a cloudy morning! Nobody was expecting OPI’s Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, especially since I already over-used it as a base for nail art. But it ain’t over till (the bottle) is over, so do expect more of this greyge neutral in the future!
Don’t say I didn’t warned you!

rainy nails fall nail art

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While contemplating the beauty and the perfection that the base coat embodies, I suddenly woke up at the sound of cold raindrops against the window. Many, many raindrops, all alike, heavy and unmissable, wet and straight on target, the rain game was definitely on! About time I pull out my colors and show the rain how it’s done!

painting raindrops on nails

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Whatever colors suit your fancy, be careful to not overlap them. I painted the drops with a dotting tool: first the round dot and then draw on it upwards to create the thin droplet shape. Some came out right, some needed persuasion.
But that’s ok, I taught the rain a lesson or two!

clouds nails rainy days manicure

So to make it all pretty and not piss the rain any more than I already did, I painted the ringfingernail with nice little fluffy clouds with silvery, textured lining! All grey but there’s always room for sparkle&shine! Top it all with a thick shiny topcoat (no rapidy is needed, the drops are already dry – unlike the real raindrops still lingering on my window) and wave the rain goodbye! Have a happy fall!

rain clouds fall nails

how to fall nails rainy manicure tutorial step by step

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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