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Dark Marbled Nails

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While trying to imagine what I’d like to wear next on my nails, I realized I had not done a marbled design this year. So here I am, pressed to take care of that marbled matter. In the most unexpected way for the upcoming (summer) season!

However, such is the beginning of this supposedly warm season – one minute it’s raining and cold as fall, the next the summer shines bright and it’s hot as July. So I’m pretty moody, just like the weather, not being able to take long rides with my bicycle under the sunny skies… Dark marbled it is!

opi lincoln park after dark opi taupeless beach

That maybe just a pretext for a new marbled manicure which I love dearly, so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t fit your ‘summer mood’. I’m having nubs, I have to fancy them up somehow, right? – what do you wear when you have nubs (as in really short nails, opposed to your regularly longer nails)? And what’s the coolest nubs shape? I find I can’t get pass square/squoval… errrr enough about me, let’s get to them nails, shall we?

opi lincoln park after dark marbled base

So you know the ‘base’ drill: cleaning your nails and applying the base coat – I add an extra layer of neutral nail polish just to make sure the very pigmented dark lacquer doesn’t stain my nails.. I’ve seen it happen even with the big brands (-_-). So after every-under-layer is dry, I’m getting on with the actual base for the marbled manicure. This time it’s OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark (in the first picture above you can see the two middle fingers with OPI’s Taupeless Beach, the neutral extra under-layer I used before Lincoln Park After Dark).

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Have you tried it already? It’s such a dark, plum-y color! You’d think it looks like regular black but it’s more of a burgundy black, blackberry black. Kind of the point for a marbled color. Stone is usually an impure color. Yes, it’s dark, but so many sediments, so many ages –the terraformation is a complex process involving a lot of materials. You can hardly get a ‘pure’ white marble stone or a ‘pure’ black marble stone. This is why my Lincoln Park after Dark blackberry black is perfect!

water marbled nails with perfume

The marbled drill involves a couple of perfume spraying in water to spread out the polish (OPI Alpine Snow) so be sure to use your favorite perfume so this manicure will soon become your favorite too! The nails will smell heavenly! As you can see, I’ve dipped all my 5 fingers at once because I’m not after a patterned imprint of the polish – the two drops of white nail polish spread on the surface will ensure a natural stone-like appearance on the nail.

marbled nails with perfume and water

Take a look at these fantastic stone nails look! (they’re so easy to do, you wouldn’t believe it!)

I couldn’t’ help myself and I used a gold polish to accent around the white pattern. I think I actually did it to add more shine and sparkle to my matte topcoated manicure, hiding behind the pretext that dark marble stone always has some gold reflexes… Errrr… What can I say, I love my nails matte and sparkly at the same time… Who doesn’t?

adding accents to marbled nails

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dark marbled nails opi lacquer

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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