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Black Cat Nails: Tasteful Halloween Nail Art

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You know all those gore or bright orange nails for Halloween? They’re not the easiest to wear, especially when you also have to fulfill your daily office duties!

I have friends who always go for classic (borderline dull) French manicures just because they work 9-5 and the most extravagant nails they wear are deep red for Christmas! My heart goes out for you – maybe a cute, tasteful minimalist kitten design would help? Black and white nail designs are highly versatile and appealing (and I’m not saying that just because I have a weakness for monochromatic nails right now) but I think you might just get away with wearing these at the office!

white matte nails ready for nail art

Remember when we were all convinced the Internet was made of cats? Everywhere I turned my head, a cute kitty was waiting for me. Everyone I knew was posting at least one video a day with two cute kittens playing with something or hiding in a teeny tiny cardboard box!

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I have a couple of Garfied tshirts and comic books lying around, I love that lazy fat cat! Not to mention the famous ‘black cat’ – world’s most famous feline, even before Grumpy cat was born! I wanted to turn that black cat into a friendly, cute cat, even if it’s for Halloween, I think it can be worn in so many ways, unrelated to the upcoming haunting celebration – I have a friend who just might get yet another kitty tattoo after these nails ^_^ haha!

how to paint kitty on your nails

Sooo! Long story short: white base, matte topcoat, black acrylic and a thin brush! That’s all there is to this black cat nail art! Once your base is matte and dry, a drop of acrylic is enough to complete the drawings! I photographed each step of my kittens so you can – if you want – repeat the motif on your nails!

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It takes just a bit of practice to get the doodling right, so feel free to try on a piece of paper first (with the same brush and paint you’ll use for the nails). I did that and I found it extremely helpful! I’ll add the step-by-step soon!

kitty nails black and white

I personally like the index finger kitty better than the middle finger one and I even find the ring fingernail kitty off-centered ^_^ but I don’t mind – do you? Oh, and how sweet are the pinky paws? I was going for a kitty face but then I realized paws would be so much cuter – was I right? How do you like my cat nails?

black cat halloween nails

how to kitty nails cat halloween nail art tutorial step by step

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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